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Lessons learned from reviewing my past years

At the end of every year I actively review my past year, which is followed by a short outlook on the upcoming year. Reviewing the last twelve months is not a task I force myself to do, it has actually become the opposite. I am craving it. It gives me perspective and guidance. It became […]

How to kickstart your Freelance career

Starting your freelance career can be pretty frightening. Back in the days, I wrestled with fear of uncertainty, self-doubt and if this was not enough, everything was topped by a layer of guilt which was fueled by my lack of action. Here are five tips which will help you to get started into your freelance career.

How to wireframe a website

Wireframing describes the part after you did your pen and paper sketches . While the former is negotiable the latter isn’t. Why should I work with wireframes? Feel of the product without wasting to much time in the design process. Being able to iterate quick and fast. The saved up time can be invested in […]

How to sketch for a website

In this video, we’re gonna do some pen an paper sketching together. Sketching is crucial for a well thought out website project. The bigger the project the stronger the need to break it down into chunks like sketching and wireframing.

Planning a good UX

The expectations of digital application users are steadily increasing. It is, therefore, all the more important that you do not try force a solution to your problem from outside competitors. You have to remember that just because a solution worked for them, does not mean it will work the same for you. A system for creating a concept is at the heart of a project. Here I show you which system I use to ensure good user experience for web projects.

Why form follows function is nonsense

Especially in the ux/ui field, everybody is mantra seems to be “form follows function”. Everything needs to function correctly. Well, I have to admit, I always was an advocate of that design philosophy. I somehow still would never buy into the phone of a friend of mine who’s got a better camera, more functions and […]

Pattern Library

Many large companies struggle with a uniform user interface of their web presence. The larger a website, the more complex the maintenance of the user interface elements. Here the Pattern Library provides clarity and simplifies the ongoing additions to a website. In this post you’ll find out exactly what a pattern library is and when it makes sense to use it.

Why bad design is necessary

Why bad design is necessary: I’ve recently was booked for a single day to design the first draft of a website user interface. I’ve realized how stressed I was when the first few hours went by and I still had only produced shitty results. After lunch, I had a good idea I could build on. […]

Why perfectionism is a problem

A thing which is especially common in the creative field. You don’t get things done. Your Projects and all the things you’ve planned out to do? It’s because you’re a perfectionist. Don’t lie to yourself it is and be vain and boast yourself with being a perfectionist. There is nothing fancy about it. You keep […]

How to sell yourself in UX-Design

Job Interviews are part of a designer. If you’re a freelancer you probably have more of those than a employee. If you want it or not, every interview is about selling yourself. Next to the common sense basics such as: Being on time, having a good appearance and learning something about the clients company, i’ve […]

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