• 2nd February 2018
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David Allen – Getting Things Done

In this book review I introduce David Allen’s “Getting things done”. I can recommend this book to anyone who has to think about a lot and feels overwhelmed by all the things he still wants to do. However, there has to be a willingness to put what you have read into practice. Sometimes the book is dry and long-winded. The value I have gained from it clearly prevails

  • 24th January 2018
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Tony Hsieh – Delivering Happiness

Tony Hsieh is the founder and CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos. In this book he describes his career from university through adulthood and his first full-time job to the founding and internal work of the company.

Jim Collins – Good To Great

In contrast to the current status quo alá “get successful and rich overnight”, this book explains how long-term success is almost never an overnight phenomenon, but rather an adherence to certain (seven) management principles that shape the company culture in the long run. The author Jim Collins has studied and researched these principles over several years.

Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens

Influential, exciting and ingenious: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, is one of the books which will be remembered for a long time. For me this book was clearly a “Quake-Book”. The need to share the chapters I just read was hard to stop. As a result, I kept telling the people around me what chapters I had just read.

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