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Lessons learned from reviewing my past years

At the end of every year I actively review my past year, which is followed by a short outlook on the upcoming year. Reviewing the last twelve months is not a task I force myself to do, it has actually become the opposite. I am craving it. It gives me perspective and guidance. It became […]

How to kickstart your Freelance career

Starting your freelance career can be pretty frightening. Back in the days, I wrestled with fear of uncertainty, self-doubt and if this was not enough, everything was topped by a layer of guilt which was fueled by my lack of action. Here are five tips which will help you to get started into your freelance career.

Pattern Library

Many large companies struggle with a uniform user interface of their web presence. The larger a website, the more complex the maintenance of the user interface elements. Here the Pattern Library provides clarity and simplifies the ongoing additions to a website. In this post you’ll find out exactly what a pattern library is and when it makes sense to use it.

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