Concept and Strategy for your portfolio Website from scratch

In this Video you’re going to learn how to setup a proper little concept for your own portfolio website.

What do most people do when creating their own website? Designing. Right there is the problem. When you want to have not only a beautiful website but a goal driven website with a purpose, you’ve gotta do your homework and have a concept and strategy. It lays the foundation for every further step, designing is one of those.

Beautiful websites are nice! You know whats better? A well performing beautiful website.


Here is a template sheet you can print out and use for your own concept / strategy: ✍🏻 Grab a pen and let’s jump right into it!

My Gear

📷 Canon EOS 750D SLR-Digitalkamera
(using the old 600d, i link the current model, since you can’t get the old one anymore)
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Maruan has founded marumedia, a small digital product design agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, he does consult in UX/UI design and development. He created to share his journey, learnings, pains, and lessons he encountered while doing so.

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