How To Win Friends And Influence People

Great basics about human psychology and motivations behind each action.

I stumbled across the book several times, after it was recommended again and again, I decided to read it without further ado.

Admittedly: While flipping over it, the book can give the impression of opportunism, but while reading it carefully, I also came across many exciting things that can be traced back to the human psyche. They also help you to reflect on yourself.

The book came out in the 1930s, but the examples and anecdotes that the book consistently brings are highly topical. A good proof that the human psyche always functions the same, no matter how far we have “developed”.

There are good basics about the human psyche and motivations behind every action. Altogether it invites you to be more “gentle” and tolerant with your fellow human beings. The interesting thing is that honest sympathy and your own wishes / goals do not have to be mutually exclusive – on the contrary, these characteristics often complement each other privately and professionally.

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