How to sell yourself in UX-Design

Job Interviews are part of a designer. If you’re a freelancer you probably have more of those than a employee.

If you want it or not, every interview is about selling yourself. Next to the common sense basics such as: Being on time, having a good appearance and learning something about the clients company, i’ve witnessed a view other interesting thing in my 4 years of a dozen interviews as a freelance designer which i share in this video with you guys.

Please excuse the painful format, i’ve made this video originally for my instagram story, still i want you guys to get the knowledge too! I will take care of the format in the future!

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Maruan has founded marumedia, a small digital product design agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, he does consult in UX/UI design and development. He created to share his journey, learnings, pains, and lessons he encountered while doing so.

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