Why perfectionism is a problem

A thing which is especially common in the creative field. You don’t get things done. Your Projects and all the things you’ve planned out to do? It’s because you’re a perfectionist.

Don’t lie to yourself it is and be vain and boast yourself with being a perfectionist. There is nothing fancy about it. You keep feeding your ego, while others who have left it behind will continue to progress. Perfectionism is your fear of going out there with your work. The fear of rejection, trolls and not being good enough. You must free yourself from these things if you want to develop your skills and progress as a professional.

Just do the things with half of the claim for it then you have now. And then adjust from there. Don’t get me wrong: Quality, especially in the creative field is a must have. But quality is something completely different than perfectionism.

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Maruan has founded marumedia, a small digital product design agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Furthermore, he does consult in UX/UI design and development. He created marumedia.net to share his journey, learnings, pains, and lessons he encountered while doing so.

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